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"Was the point of this game to tell you that like, ‘Listen, we’re all gonna die at some point, so you REALLY need to look at as many boobs as possible.’"

- Dan’s life advice. (via montypla)

(via montypla)

martharain asked: Friend, I am dying here. I can't find a gif of Danny from the Transformers episode saying, "Because!" All dramatic like to Arin. That intro killed me. It was like he tapped into his inner video game villain when he did it and it was glorious.



here pal i did the thing for u

Haha love this gif. XD


Those eyes…
(Now with the finale that I never saw coming)


Danny gif appreciation. I love this man so much!

"I was thinking a little more Mystery of Convoy!

(Source: flexbang)

"I was thinking a little more Mystery of Convoy!

(Source: flexbang)

Danny Sexbang on FriendZone (October 18th, 2013)

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everyone send gallons of astroglide to the gg po box (x)


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i hate you all

OH GOD MY EYES!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!! ;-;

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